Course is somewhat challenging if you have never played here, but it is the greens that will hurt you. They are pretty small and have a lot of slope to them.


Chris and his staff in the clubhouse are, hands-down, the best.

David Steinberg, professor of foreign service at Georgetown University and author of Modern China-Myanmar Relations: Dilemmas of Mutual Dependence.

Washington Post “The Obama administration is taking a foreign policy gamble by sending Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on a historic trip to the isolated Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar this week.” Foreign Policy “After 20 years without a parliament and democratic process, its new leaders are now showing a surprising impatience with the status quo and are changing the way this country is ruled.

But Afridi has been making his own overtures towards the locals by claiming his team has received more "love" from fans in India than back home, comments that incensed former coach Waqar Younis said that the team's troubled build-up to the tournament did not mean they should be written off."We're the kind of team that once we get the momentum going, we can surprise people," Younis said in a pre-match press conference.

The former bowling great also backed the big-hitting Afridi to rediscover the kind of form with the bat that earned him the nickname Boom Boom."It takes less than a minute to lose form and to get it back as well.


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