Accomodating bicycle and pedestrian travel

Spanning 10,180,000 km2, with over 50 countries and 742.5 million people, there's plenty to see and do; from sailing around Croatia or the Greek Islands, to exploring France and Spain, or discovering Vatican City and the rich ancient history of Rome.

In the United States, the law essentially covers what is required for accessibility, but it’s not always enforced.

My latest post on Co Design (Fast Company's design-focused website) discusses five principles of smartwatch design.

Rather than considering smartwatches as smaller, wearable versions of smartphones; designers need to consider the the unique context of use, behavioral patterns and ergonomic constraints of a smartwatch.

Others are at the foot of Marjan hill, mostly rocky, bordered by a pine forest and with good local bus connections.

If you are traveling with your pet you’ll be glad to know Split also offers one of the rare beaches where you can take your dog swimming.


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